In a market saturated with cosmetics products such as the one before us at the present time, it is important to know how to seek out new niches in market, new products, new formulae, though also being aware of how to show this freshness and quality in our packaging…

There can be no doubt that nowadays we continually seek out unforgettable experiences, new thrills and use products that help us to be and feel (and this is the fulcrum) younger, more beautiful, more sure of ourselves.

For all cosmetics products, as with many others, the first impression is of the utmost importance, a positive impact must be created.

Studies undertaken by John Bargh at Yale University show that our brain only needs two tenths of a second to form a first impression. This sensation does not come from our cortex. It is not the product of our rational thinking, moreover from the tonsils, a cerebral structure that realises the effect of our emotions. It is not a logical and reasoned conclusion; it is more akin to an unaware sensation that turns our hearts in favour of one side or another. For this reason, the interior of the product is just as important as the exterior of our product.

For this reason, we must bear in mind the following factors:

– Product name: seek a name that describes your product and identifies your brand, something fresh and innovative that is also easy to remember and identify with.

– Logo: the logo will help our brand to become recognisable. Look for a logo that fully represents your product and your target market.

– Packaging: obviously, the packaging is fundamental to help to create a positive first impression. Yet furthermore, take into account the fact that this is comfortable and adapts to the type of cosmetic product that you wish to market.

– Product: it is important for the product to be of a high-standard, not to deceive the target market. Do not give them false expectations. Nowadays, scientific progress allows us to use active ingredients of the very highest standard. Show this to your target market! Yet, also, do not overlook the tiny details: texture, smells, etc.

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