The latest thing in capillary cosmetics is onion shampoo. Onion shampoo was used in the antiquity thanks to its properties, as it slows down hair loss, helps to stimulate hair growth, provides your hair with shine and leaves it really smooth feeling.

Aside from this, onion shampoo helps to reduce capillary grease thanks to active onion active ingredients. But, what are the onion’s active ingredients?

Onion contains quercetin, has the capacity to reduce inflammation on the scalp and stimulates blood flow, meaning that your hair is better nourished and looks healthier. Furthermore, it also has sulphur, and as such, boasts antiseptic properties, eliminates fungi, bacteria, excessive sebum and residues, thus providing a highly effective cleansing and therefore is highly recommendable for greasy hair types.

Added to this, it does not contain parabens, and can be used on a daily basis. Its usage leaves no smell of onions.

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