Aside from the texture, creams and oils are two types of cosmetics products whose usage will depend on the aims we wish to accomplish, as well as the type of skin and hair that we have.

Thus, creams have a smoother texture. They are ideal to protect the skin in winter and are also very suitable for skins subject to very dry environments, due to, for example, air-conditioning or central-heating. They are excellent for both dry as well as greasy skin types, simply needing to know the type of active ingredient that best suits each person.

On the other hand, oils are recommended for very dry hair or skin, and not for very greasy skins. In recent years, its usage is being extended for hair, as it has been proven that it is an ideal product to hydrate and give shine, not only for the skin but also for the hair, meaning that the use of this texture is becoming continually more frequent for capillary products.

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