Our eyelash enhancer is a serum specially formulated for the treatment grows eyelashes. Thanks to the use of two powerful cosmetic components specially chosen to enhance the growth of the eyelashes we get to increase both the density of eyelashes and the length of these. In just 4 weeks we managed to increase the length of eyelashes by 18%. Thanks to its formulation with vitamins we are able to bring a greater load of nutrients to the follicle of the eyelash to facilitate and potentiate the effect of the active ingredients.

Its texture type serum, of high consistency, has been tested to avoid the possible migration of the product to the inside of the eyes. It has also been formulated at pH 7.3 close to that of the eye (pH ≈ 7.4), to avoid the stinging sensation that could occur if the product came into contact with the eyes. Last but not least, we are faced with a product that avoids the use of drugs, prostaglandins, making it a 100% cosmetic product and avoiding the side effects of drugs.

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