Massage oils are ideal for the correct application of bodily massages and, therefore, perfect for the transmission of movements and regular manual pressure on biological tissues to achieve from these therapeutic and aesthetic actions.

The oil allows for hands to slide over the body with ease, thus achieving deep bodily scrubbing. When all of these aspects are joined together, the maximum positive effects are felt on the areas treated without the need for excessive effort on the part of the user or the masseuse.

Through the use of massage, the blood flow and lymphatic drainage are activated, thus promoting the elimination of metabolises waste substances and offering regeneration factors.

All of this lymph and blood movement relieves painful muscular inflammations and contractions, arthritis, fibrosis, muscular injuries… and the final result is a toning, renewal and general reactivation of the body parts treated.

Oils can be manufactured with different aromas and raw materials that provide the massage oil with a certain smell and properties. Worthy of special mention, amongst other, is almond massage oil, with the aroma of sweet almonds or oils with rosemary.

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